Our Ministries

Our Parish Ministries

Permanent Deacon                                       Rev. Mr. Mike Harris 467-6509
Permanent Deacon                                       Rev. Mr. Eddie Renz 467-6509
Pastoral Associate                                        Mrs. Kathleen LeBlanc 67-6509

Executive Secretary                                      Mrs. Jo Sharp 467-6509

Music Ministry                                               Mr. Ed. Growtkoski 255-6964

Adoration Ministry                                          Mrs. Carol Martinolich 467-4575

Religious Education (Elem.)                          Chris Austin & Pat Lafontaine

Eucharistic Ministers                                      Mrs. Kathleen LeBlanc 467-6509

Lectors                                                           Mrs. Kathleen LeBlanc 467-6509

Altar Servers                                                  Courtney & Kaley Geroux 493-3242

Hospital Ministry                                             Patricia Baird 342-2644

St. Vincent dePaul                                          Bill McIntyre

Youth Ministry                                                 Anna Brannin

Baptismal Preparation                                    Mrs. Becky Boudreaux 216-9149

Rabboni Ministry                                             Mrs. Suzi Lee 467-3449

Novena to O.L.P.H.                                         Mrs. Cathy Donner 363-1838

Sacristan                                                          Mrs. Ethel Favre 467-5263

Altar Society                                                    Mrs. Cathy Donner 363-183

Something to Celebrate!


The Diocese of Biloxi honors an outstanding volunteer from each parish who has shown outstanding leadership and volunteerism in their respective parish. The award is called "Lumen Christi." The following volunteers from Our Lady of the Gulf Parish have been recognized since the inception of the award:


2002:                                           Mrs. Flo Mauffray

2003:                                           Mr. John Scianna

                                                    Mrs. Peggy Eagan

2004:                                          Mrs. Ethel Favre

2005:                                          Mr.  David Treutel Sr.

2006:                                          Mr. Brian Milner

2007:                                          Mr. Preston Pelligrin

2008:                                          Mr. Bill LeBlanc

2009:                                          Mrs. Pam Metzler

2010:                                          Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Chapman

2011:                                          Mrs. Suzi Lee