Marriage Preparation

There is an old saying that says, "A wedding is a day; a marriage is a lifetime." Much fanfare and preparations surrounds wedding. Weddings are special moments; moments of commitment, of promises, of pledges.

It is a sad reflection on those involved when the wedding becomes an extravagant production, rather than a celebration of commitment in love.  Such extravagance ring hollow.  Rather than being all expression of the faith of the couple involved, it becomes all empty gesture.

In the Church, we take marriage seriously. Marriage is a serious, lifelong commitment. Because of such commitment, the church demands much of a couple anticipating marriage.  We make no apologies for such demands.  Individuals spend three or four years in college preparing for a career that may last a relatively short time.  Surely, marriage must be seen in a more serious manner.

A wedding in church is very different from an outdoor wedding or a wedding before a Justice of the Peace.  A church wedding reflects the faith of the couple; calls on the Lord to witness their commitment.

This booklet (Wedding Guidelines) is an effort to acquaint the couple anticipating marriage with the requirements and expectations of them both in preparation for marriage and in the actual wedding ceremony.

We have included the officially suggested readings for the wedding ceremony as well as some fitting music selections.  The church always has insisted that the music used in worship have artistic integrity.  Sometimes the only music familiar to the couple is a song heard at a friend's ceremony and one not necessarily suited to the sacrament.  No matter now personally meaningful love songs and secular ballads may be to the couple, these are best left to the reception where other dimensions of the wedding celebration prevail.

We hope this booklet will help you to plan more creatively your wedding and help make the wedding ceremony a reflection of your faith and your commitment.