Our Angel Ministry

How did the OLG Angels' Ministry get started? The OLG Angels' Ministry began shortly after the completion and restoration of our church's two large life-size angel statues that were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.
Our Pastor Father Tracey had asked me to restore them. It took one year and three months to complete. Shortly after this time, a very strong desire came to me to start this ministry.
 Why? After Katrina, there were so many people in dire need of help in our area. It was our heartfelt desire to try to help those in need.
 It's mission? Our mission is to continue to follow the examples of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, our Patron Saint, in finding little ways to help the sick, dying, hungry and by letting God shine His Light of Love through us and our work in many different ways. And by witnessing our Love of Neighbor.  Our Angels motto is " Doing good deeds with great love to help others."
 It's work? Our work consists of different groups all working on different needs:
 The OLG Angels' Blanket Group: This ministry takes the form of a prayer blanket to bring about support, prayer, healing and a feeling of connectedness and caring from the parish family during times of crisis and illness.
Volunteers from the parish cut and tie fabric and pray over the blankets they produce for women, men and children. These blankets are wrapped and then blessed by Fr. Tracey.
Prayer blankets are made with love and prayers for those who receive the blankets. This prayer blanket is a symbol of a faith sharing community "covering with prayer the individual who receives it."
 Angels of Light: These angels help support St. Gerard with any monetary items and donations, and also used baby items.
 Rosary Angels:  These angels go to the funeral homes to pray the Rosary for the deceased person and their families. They also make Rosaries to help spread the devotion to the Rosary. And some are made and sold to help fund this ministry to help others in need.
 Food Pantry Angels: They bring donated food items to the food pantry weekly.
Church Dinner/Plays Angels: Plays are written and directed with the soul purpose of spreading the love of God to all His children. All the plays are inspirational and uplifting! All ages can join in this fun! All donations go to help fund this ministry to help others.
Nursing Home Angels: They visit nursing homes on Sundays and bring prayer cards.
Christmas Angels: They help those in special need at Christmas time with a donation from the Church Play.
St. Joseph Angels: They help celebrate St. Joseph day by gathering together to make "lots of goodies and Italian cookies" for the St. Joseph Altar.
The Support the Troops Angels: They sent care packages to our family members of our church in the military over seas.
Evangelization Angels: They give us the latest "up to date" news on information on Retreats and Pilgrimages.
The "Behind the Scene" Angels: They do many odds and ends to help this ministry . They are the families that work from their homes by helping with making our projects for our Church Plays.
The Prayer Chain Angels: The handicap and senior citizens help by making phone calls supporting a persons needs for special prayers.
The Divine Mercy Angels: They helped spread the devotion to Divine Mercy Sunday and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary
The "Fish Fry" Angels: During Lent, this group plans retreats and fries Fish!
Mrs. JoAnn Hille oversees all the various ministies undertaken by the Angel Ministry groups.


  • The group will resume meeting next month and will meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. Next meeting dates are September 10th and September 24th, 1-3 p.m. NOTE: The September meetings will be in the Parish Community Center but after that will take place in the Catholic Life Center.
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