Lectors/Eucharistic Ministers

Role of Lector

The ministry of the lector is vital to the life of our parish because it is through the lector that the Word of God is proclaimed (i.e., “comes alive”).  A love for the Scriptures and their meaning in the life of the parish is central to this role.  This is best exhibited in a lector’s study and practice in preparing to proclaim the word.  It is also revealed in the ability and skill a lector demonstrates in actually proclaiming the Word at Mass.  A lector must have both a love for the Scriptures and a love for those who will be listening to that Word.

Role of Eucharistic Minister

Lay Eucharistic Ministers are called upon to share the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ with Our Lady of the Gulf’s parishioners at Mass, in our local hospitals and nursing homes, and to those who are bound to their homes.  Ministry is never self-seeking but giving, and it is the kind of giving in which one loves the persons one gives to.


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