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Our Parish Membership
Our Lady of the Gulf parish is the fifth oldest parish in Mississippi and the third oldest on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Established in 1847, the parish serves a diverse population, living in a very tight-knit and family oriented community.
Many of our families have lived in the area for centuries.  The area provides a wonderful atmosphere for families to raise their children.
Presently, we have approximately 700 families who belong to the parish.  Many of our parish families have been displaced since Hurricane Katrina on August 29. 2005.  Many have settled elsewhere in the country, choosing to be near extended family members.  Others are in transition, rebuilding their homes with the hope of returning to the area in the not-too-distant future.
Our Parish Census Form
You may download the Parish Census Form from the column on your left.  Please fill it out and drop it by the parish office or in the weekend collection basket.
Change of Address:
Due to the mobile nature of our society, we know that people move within an area as well as move from and to the area.  In order to facilitate the updating of our records, we ask that individuals or families update their addresses.  Updating can be done by clicking on the change of Address form on the left column. Complete the form and email the form to us.


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