• Confirmation 2014
      First Communion 2014
      Vacation Bible School 2014: Weird Animals
      Vacation Bible School 2014: Weird Animals
      Vacation Bible School 2014: Weird Animals
      Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church
      Inside Our Lady of the Gulf Church
      Rearview of Our Lady of the Gulf Church
      Christmas at Our Lady of the Gulf Church
      Our Lady of the Gulf Adoration Chapel and Catholic Life Center
      Sunrise in front of Our Lady of the Gulf Church
      Chainsaw Sculptor in action outside O.L.G. church
      Holy Angels Tree
      Tree Sculptor Finished across from Church
      There will be a meeting of the all current altar servers TODAY, Friday, July 18th at 4:00 p.m. in the Parish Life Center.  Parents are welcome to attend as well.  Please contact Rich or Deborah Mae Kren at krenfam@earthlink.net with questions or if you have conflicts with meeting.
    • SJA CLASS OF 1964
      Hugs and blessings to the St. Joseph Academy graduates of the class of 1964, who are celebrating their 50th reunion this weekend.
      Graduates of St. Joseph Academy Class of 1964:
      A. Matilda Abastado, A. V. Pelagero, Allison Trelles Heath, Barbara Brown Egler,  Barbara (Muff) Clubb Cullerton, Barbara Jean Monti Lacour, Brenda Benigno Corey, Cheryl Seuzeneau Morris, Cynthia Wiseman Strander, Darlene Ring Evans (Peterson), Dottie Dazet Blakley, Edna Bourgeois Cunningham, Eunice (Bunny) Diederich Warsh, Getty M. Duron, Haydee (Boo) Brisolara Lyon, Helene LaFontaine Moran, Jean Martinolich, Joan Corso Bennett, Judith Boudreaux Johnston, Karen Creel Leary, Karen Lobrano Schafer, Kathleen Kearney Crutchfield (Curtis), Linda Gallagher Thomas, Linda Munch, Mary “Joy” Ladner, M. E. Pelagero, Margaret Horne Scafidi, Marian Blaize Marr, Marlene Levings Hughes, Mary Alice Jefferson Elrod, Mary Beth Ladner Dorn, Mary Doug Murtagh Chevis, Mary Virginia Morrison, Maureen Thompson, Millie Ling, Peggy Monti Rutherford, Sally Hubbard Erickson, Sharon Malone Klein, Shiela Arnold Kenworthy, Silvia Smith Waelti, Susan Harrison Blackstock, Susan Rhodes Lee, Vickie Jacob Leach, and Vicky Veglia Looney.
      PreK3 - 6th Grade
      Call 228-467-5158 for additional information and a tour.
      Don't think you can afford Catholic education?  Tuition assistance is available. 
      Contact the school at 228-467-5158.
    • Welcome to Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church

      Nestled on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we continue to serve the needs of the Catholic community and wider community in the City of Bay St. Louis for over 160 years.

      Our Roots

      Many in our community trace their roots to Europe, most notably France and Italy.  We live in a community that is a place apart with its Southern charm and slow pace of life; a place where neighbor is neighbor to each other and are often related to each other.


      We have withstood fires and hurricanes over the years and still survive because of the resilience of our people.  The unnamed hurricane of 1947 impacted our community and its memory is still vivid in the older generation.  Hurricane Camille visited us in 1969 with winds over 200 miles per hour.  Gradually, we rebuilt our lives and community in its aftermath. Our latest visitor was Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005.  Her fury lashed at our shores and our lives and brought our community to its knees.  Waves of 30 feet washed away most of our buildings, our belongings and some of our lives.

      Hurricane Katrina

      Following Hurricane Katrina, we continue to rise from its ashes of devastation with the help of thousands of volunteers from around the country who came to bring us their labors, their gifts, the skills, their time and their blessings.  Their presence and support allowed us to continue to believe in the goodness of humanity and in our determination to rebuild our lives and our community.  We owe a deep debt of gratitude to them.
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